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Recap of Sophomore Career Day

Abhijith Chitrala (‘26)

Pranav Vaddepalli (‘26)

Career Day is a day for sophomores to go to Rider University and explore campus life. To make things more special, this once-in-a-lifetime event is offered to only a few schools including our very own Lawrence High School students. Throughout the day, students from LHS are invited to learn about careers they are interested in, ranging from medicine to baking. The sophomores learn all sorts of valuable information such as how  much education a particular career requires, how fruitful certain careers are, and why the guest speakers chose the  careers that they did.  These lectures provide students with great insight  into specific careers  that they  sign up to learn about, helping them  get an idea of what they find interesting, and what they want to do in the future.

The day started with the administration calling all sophomores to the auditorium around the end of first period, where the vice principals give a quick rundown of the expectations for the day. Later, students traveled to Rider University and went to the Fine Arts building to listen to speeches from several noteworthy figures such as the superintendent of Rider University Brett Bracket, and Dr. “Freedom” Green, who gave a motivational speech about the importance of discovering one’s passions and talents. After attending several lectures and speeches, students were able to complete their college experience by having a college style dining experience at Rider’s dining hall.

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