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Invest in your Future with The Investment Club

Ryan Schloesser (‘24)

Aimed at preparing students for a successful financial future, Lawrence High School recently introduced the new Investment Club. Founded by Lawrence High School students Piyush Nawade, Rishi Anarkat, and Arin Shetty, the Investment Club hopes to advance students' financial literacy, investing skills, and many other valuable skill sets that will benefit students in the future. The idea of an Investment Club is not new. In fact, many other school districts have already implemented Investment Clubs. But what exactly do students do in an investment club? To find out more, I interviewed the co-founder of the club, Rishi Anarkat to clarify the purpose and future goals of the Investment Club.

What exactly is the Investment Club?

The Investment Club is a student-led club focused on learning about the stock market through investment-related activities. We discuss the state of financial markets, analyze investment opportunities, and in the future, we may pool funds from the student council to make collective investment decisions and grow their funds. This club provides a platform for students to gain practical knowledge about investing and finance that will be a great tool for them in the future.

What inspired you to start the investment club?

I have a passion for understanding how money works. I share this same passion with the co-founders which is what cultivated our desire to foster financial literacy among our peers.

What are your future goals for this club? 

We want to make sure students are literate in the principles of investing. We will be competing in various investing and trading competitions throughout the year. At these competitions, students will have the opportunity to win awards and recognition. 

What kind of students are you looking for to join?

We look forward to working with students of all grade levels who are eager to get into the field of investing. Enthusiastic members with an interest in economic trends, with any level of experience, will find this club engaging.

Interested in joining the Investment Club?

To get involved in the Investment Club please reach out to one of the clubs officers,, or reach out to the clubs advisor To keep up with future events and competitions, go follow the official Instagram account @lhs_investment_club where updates regarding the Investment Club will be posted.

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