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Debating for the Lawrence Debate Team

Kevin Mah ('24) and Piyush Nawade ('24)

On October 28th, the Lawrence Varsity Debate Team suffered minor setbacks, but how did our rookies do? On the Lawrence Junior Varsity Affirmative team were Arjun Tatavarthi, Akshay Iyer, Rishi Anarkat, and Jiyaa Revankar. On the Junior Varsity Negative team, was yours truly, Kevin Mah and Piyush Nawade. Even though it was both teams’ first time debating, they both managed to emerge victorious.

“Before we actually entered the debate, I was really worried,” said Iyer. “I definitely feel that the debate was a lot easier and more organized than I thought beforehand.” “The competing team didn’t really have that many great points and I feel like our plan was basically air-tight.”

And how did our negative team do? “It was really great,” noted Nawade.

“Clearly, we were so intimidating, that our

opponents sensed our presence and were

too scared to show up,” adds Mah.

“Overall, the experience was amazing and fun,” said Iyer.

“I enjoyed it and more people should join the debate team,” adds Nawade.

The Junior Varsity team continues with a strong start to the season. The team’s triumph has built confidence for the rest of the season.

Ready to put your quick thinking and analytical skills to the test? Do you think you’ve got what it takes? The debate team accepts all! Through September to November, the team meets on Tuesdays after school. The advisor is Mrs. Confroy and the club meets in room 139. The topic for this year is: Should the US Government substantially increase its protection for water resources? The club has over 30 people and we hope that you’re one of them!

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