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Student Feature: Emily Pirone

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Emily Gormley 22'

Anyone at Lawrence High School can tell you that a minimum of 15 community service hours are required per individual in sophomore year, but that does not stop dedicated students from going above and beyond in their participation in the community. These select students take it upon themselves to become even more involved and create a bigger and more meaningful impact.

Emily Pirone, class of '21, who is president of a community service club here at LHS, Interact, has done just that.

Through her leadership, the Interact club has generated more than 175 hours of community service this year. Interact has had their hands full thus far into the school year with helping Eldridge Park Elementary School with their destinations program, which takes place after school, and their holiday gift shop around Christmas time. Organizations that Interact has also helped include Homefront and the Lawrence Community Center through food drives and library organization, respectively. Emily has been a vital part of the club through it all as she runs meetings every Tuesday morning, helps plan events, and reaches out to others to find new opportunities where Interact could lend a helping hand.

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