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What is Science Olympiad?

Xintong Si ('26)

Science Olympiad is a competitive tournament team run by Ms. Andahazy. This team allows you to meet different people with a strong interest in science and engineering and gain knowledge in several aspects of both. For each competition from Regionals to Nationals, there are a variety of events in which you compete either by studying for an exam or building a structure that will be tested. We practice weekly for the duration of the season which starts in June and continues through the following April. Your next chance to try out for the team will be during open Try-Outs which occur each year in May. Keep in mind, though, that joining Science Olympiad is a large commitment, and you are expected to attend all full team practices as well as study with your partners on your own time.

On January 10th, the team traveled to Camden County College to compete in regionals, placing 5th overall and earning us a place at the State Tournament , which took place on March 16th, 2023.

You can also contribute to our team funds by visiting our "Humpday Doughnut Shop" every Wednesday morning in the main lobby. Doughnuts are just $2 and we offer eleven different varieties from a bakery that has been baking for nearly 100 years! The funds will be used to purchase building materials for our engineering structures such as Gravity Vehicle, Bridge, and Detector Building. Follow the doughnut arrows taped around the school!

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