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Exceptional Educators

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Jamie Dering '22

Recently in December, two exceptional figures in LHS were awarded & recognized for all their hard work. Ms. Dawn Recentio, a math teacher here at Lawrence, was awarded the Governor's Teacher award & Ms. Ann Degennaro, LHS’ student assistance counselor was awarded the Educational Services Professional award. I personally know these women (Ms. Recentio is my math teacher and Ms. D runs CIA, a club I’m in) and can truly say they both wholeheartedly deserve these awards. I got the chance to not only sit down with the two award recipients, but I also got to talk to students as well! Ms. Recentio is single handedly one of the best teachers in this school and that is definitely not an overstatement. I got to ask my first period math class why they like Ms. Recentio. The astounding responses were super positive and full of praise. My class all said that Ms. Recentio is kind, loving and caring. That she cares about her class and truly wants them to succeed.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. I got to sit down with the legend herself and ask her a couple of questions!

Ms. Recentio has been working at LHS since 2008 and has been a math teacher since 2004. In her spare time she is a mother of 5 and fosters dogs! When asked about how she feels about winning this award, Ms. Recentio said: “I feel appreciated. It’s nice to feel appreciated and to know you’re making a difference.” Very nice, congrats!!

“I feel appreciated. It’s nice to feel appreciated and to know you’re making a difference.”

Last but not least, Ms. D! Ms. D has helped many, many students throughout her years at LHS. When asked how they would describe Ms. D, the responses were very similar: she is unapologetically kind, helpful and hardworking.

She is understanding and truly cares for each one of her students. I got to sit down with Ms. D and also ask her a few questions: Ms. D has been working at LHS for 6 years. In her free time she likes to walk and play with her dogs, decorating for Halloween and Christmas and going to the gym. When I asked Ms. D how it felt to win this award, she said: “I feel honored and very humbled.”

Congratulations to our recipients!

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