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Summer Time Activities

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Aleksandra Mondrzik '23

With less restrictions this summer, take some time to relax and do things you enjoy (while staying safe). Listed below are some suggestions if you are stuck with your summer plans.

Finish your summer assignments

Depending on the courses you have selected for next year, you might have a summer assignment to complete which is normally due the first week of school for a grade.

Check the high school’s website or updates on summer assignments. Getting ahead on these assignments allows you to plan and distribute your work instead of waiting until the last minute.

It also allows you time to teach out to your teachers and classmates if you have any difficulty completing the assignments.

Reach out to your classmates and teachers

Make a list of school activities you may want to join

Lawrence High School has an abundance of clubs, sports, and activities for you to join in the school year. Reach out to advisors, coaches, and students to learn more and get involved if interested!

The Lawrencian is always looking for new members to help with writing, editing, art, and more!

Learn a new skill

Whether it is a personal project, research, a job or internship, learning a new language, or taking a community college course, continue to learn outside of school during the summer!

Most importantly, Relax!

School can be stressful. Use the summer break to relax and to explore your passions!

The Lawrencian team wishes everyone to have a good summer. Congratulations Class of 2021!

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