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National History Day: The Lawrence Sweep

Pranav Vaddepalli (‘26)

Abhijith Chitrala (‘26)

On February 24th, 2024, Rutgers Camden hosted one of the regional events of National History Day (NHD). This year's theme for NHD is "Turning Points in History." In the event, the NHD team from Lawrence High School displayed major turning points in history through various competitions, such as exhibits, documentaries, websites, performances, and historical papers, showcasing their vast historical knowledge.

The event space was filled with exhibits, which transformed it into a visual journey through history. The students creatively displayed their research findings by combining images, artifacts, and compelling narratives to captivate the audience and judges alike. These exhibits served as tangible expressions of historical exploration, depicting the past in a captivating manner.

Documentaries brought history to life on the screen, with students skillfully weaving together narratives, interviews, and historical footage. The cinematic approach added a captivating dimension to the event, offering a unique perspective on historical events and figures.

Through an interactive presentation, websites served as virtual portals into the past. Participants leveraged technology to craft interactive platforms, seamlessly blending information and multimedia elements. The digital landscape became a canvas for historical storytelling, allowing for engaging and immersive experiences.

The various competitions highlighted the many different aspects of historical research and investigation. Students demonstrated not only their research skills but also their creativity, innovation, and ability to communicate historical narratives effectively.

Throughout the day, it was clear that the NHD regional event at Rutgers Camden was not simply a competition, but a celebration of history. The students' projects left an enduring impression, adding to our collective knowledge and appreciation of the past. The event emphasized the need to encourage a love for history and research among the younger generations, guaranteeing that past stories will continue to be shared and remembered.

Ultimately, the team proved to be an unstoppable force, with 8 out of the 10 entries achieving qualification to compete on May 4 at the New Jersey state contest. The qualifying entries are:

  • Senior Individual Documentaries: Ridhima Pandey (sophomore), Jiyaa Revankar (junior)

  • Senior Individual Exhibits: Nishka Desai, Lia Altchek, Megan John (sophomores)

  • Senior Group Documentary: Julia Ciccone and Nathaniel Kunkel (seniors)

  • Senior Group Exhibits: Rishi Anarkat (junior) and Roshni Anarkat (sophomore), Abhi Chitrala, Vivek Mahabir, Ryan Makino, Om Patel, and Pranav Vaddepalli (sophomores)

The next stop for these future historians is at William Paterson University, where they will face off against the best in the state and hopefully triumph against them all. We wish them all the best of luck! Go Cardinals!!!

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