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Students Helping Honduras

Gianna D'Souza ('22) and Ava Cohen ('23)

Students Helping Honduras is an international non-profit organization founded by a college student in 2007. The organization's goal is to build a 1,000 schools throughout communities in Honduras, particularly areas that are facing extreme poverty and do not have access to a safe learning environment.

The organization has grown significantly throughout the years, and has chapters in colleges all over the country. In 2013, Señorita Katz, along with 2 LHS students from the class of 2015, created our Lawrence High School chapter of Students Helping Honduras. Our goal is to spread awareness about the poverty issues and violence in Honduras, as well as raise money that will go towards school construction projects.

This year, our fundraising goal is $2,500, to provide laptops for children in Honduras so that they can do their virtual classes. Getting a proper education is already hard enough, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they do not have the necessary technology readily available to attend online school. Entire families often have to share just one smartphone.

To help reach our goal, we set up tables at two community events in October, talked to many community members about our goals, fundraising efforts, handed out flyers, and even gave children glitter tattoos! Just from these two events we participated in, we have raised over $800, which is 32% of our total goal for this year! And we are just getting started! Please support us by coming to our next fundraiser at Captain Paul’s on Wednesday, November 24th. Hope to see you there!

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