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Students for Social Activism

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Jessica Romero Silver & Richa Sharma ('23)

“For quite a while I have been wanting a place where students could discuss and learn about the world together,” says Angeni Shahi, president and founder of the new student-led club, Students For Social Activism (SSA). The club began in the start of February of 2021, when ideas of sharing and discussing important topics arose amongst students. Students for Social Activism is a safe space to discuss important topics that are currently affecting the world, our country, or just teens in general.

The club currently has five officers, Angeni ('23), Nate Kunkel ('24), Kornelia Gondek ('23), Sofia Garcia ('23), Jessica Romero Silver ('23), and Laura-Simone Martin ('23). The officers work hard to come up with fun and interesting activities for each of their weekly meetings.

A few topics that the club has discussed are bias in the medical field, understanding pronouns, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This year they want to get involved with the community by volunteering, hosting events, and more! Their goal is to educate others in a way that the classroom may not. They are working on presentations to teach the students within the club important information such as college preparation, PSAT/SAT sign up, and navigating CollegeBoard.

Think this is something you would be interested in? Then come check out Students for Social Activism during their weekly meetings on Wednesday in room 229 from 2:45-3:30 pm. We hope to see you there!

You can contact SSA on Instagram @ssa_lhs

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