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Scoop of the Tennis Season

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Tamara Tracz ‘25

A sensational girls tennis season entailed the victory of the CVC Division title, a 10 win to 5 loss record for varsity, an 8 win to 5 loss record for JV, and Leticia Kitio’s nabbing of first place in the singles championship at the Mercer County Tournament!

Coach Stapleton, Tarrant, and Christel carried their season and led them to the big win of the CVC Valley Division title for the second time in nineteen years!

As a JV player myself, I think Isabella Depaz (‘23) speaks for all of us when she says, “The 2021 season was incredible, especially the chemistry our team had, it is so unique to any other team I have ever been on. We as a team lifted each other up, helped each other out, and played smart. There was never a time when everyone wasn't working their hardest to play their very best and improve as a player in the process. All in all, the Lawrence girls tennis team will forever have a place in my heart, can't wait for next year!”

The last day of tennis practice for the year was bittersweet...literally! The girls lined up a buffet of snacks on the bench. We played some tennis, some badminton, accepted awards, and recognized our coaches with very cute gift baskets. Unlike every other year, we celebrated the night at Leonardo’s. It was a pleasant finish to the nearly 4-month long season!

Finally, Mr. Christel reflected that he is “really proud of the effort the team brought to the court” and expressed that “ was great to see every player improve each match. The girls had a lot of fun, energy, and enthusiasm and that made for a special season." We will miss Coach Stapleton and his iconic hat, Coach Christel, and Coach Tarrant, but it will not be long before we get back to the courts next year. The entire JV team admitted that they will be returning next year, so watch out incoming freshmen! The tennis team congratulates our six seniors, and hopes that they will continue to play in the future. Now we await the boys tennis season!

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