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LHS Clubs During COVID-19

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Emily Gormley ‘22

As we approach the one-year mark of “Covid life,” social-distancing, and mask-wearing, it is important to remember the magnitude of change the world has undergone and the ways in which we have adapted to our new way of life. And, despite LHS being on a hybrid schedule now, clubs and other after-school activities still face a lot of question marks as to when in-person meetings can fully resume. Personally, staying motivated and maintaining momentum has been the most challenging aspect for me. However, the clubs and extracurriculars that I am a part of, provide me with an environment where I can socialize and talk to others from school, as well as see some fresh faces. Clubs are crucial in keeping students engaged and giving them a break from Covid life to decompress and enjoy things they are passionate about. For most clubs, teachers depend on Google Classroom and Remind, in addition to Zoom calls, to stay in touch with members, and to communicate plans, dates, and ideas.

Ms. Burdick from Peer Leadership explains that a tricky aspect with Zoom is the lagging, which often affects the quality of the meeting. However, according to her, “learning tricks and using the chat feature has been very helpful.” Members of the LHS community know that Peer Leadership is responsible for holding and orchestrating freshman seminars. Furthermore, any freshman would tell you that these seminars are initially a little intimidating as they have to talk with seniors they've probably never met before. Now imagine that situation...except virtual! Fellow teachers can most likely vouch for Ms. Burdick when she describes the troubles of Zoom meetings. “Showing faces is tricky,” she said, as a smile crossed her face while alluding to how getting participants to show themselves on camera is challenging –and frustrating–at times. However, the club has been operating well and has ultimately been successful in doing what they do every year– teaching freshmen how to settle into high school and find their place.

Nonetheless, staying in touch and having contact with each other, even virtually, is crucial during this time. she mentions that, “socialization is so important.” And for those of us who are still completely virtual, who have become pros at operating Zoom, it can be unmotivating to continuously stare at a screen all day. However, finding time to interact with each other is invaluable right now in order to stay sane and on the same page as one another … so try joining a club if you have not already!

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